Day 51

Good run. Met lot of EBC riders like usually on saturdays. 918 km done.

Day 50

Weather is getting hotter. Used the coolhead to cool me down. It seems to be working. 900 km done.

Day 49

Good weather.Testing cooling system in my hat. I think it is working. I felt better this run probably because of this.  882 km done

Day 48

My stomach is good again and I becoming strong again. nice run 864 km done

World record 13 april

13th of april I have run 1152 km. The existing world record was 1138 km running. So I will exceed the existing record then. I will run until 25 april increasing the existing record by 230 km

Day 47

Windy day and I had somach issues so the run was slower than usual. Still have energy for much more. 846 km done

Day 46

Good weather for a run.Met a big snake on this run. Not python but few feets. Then i met some strange animal I did not see clearly. I have video of the run so I will look what it was tonight. It looked like coyote. Will let you know when I have studied my video better. 828 km done

Running more than 800 km

I hit the 800 km mark running yesterday.Not many people in the world have done this. It is impossible for me to google it to check if there is someone that have done more than 800 km run giving people advise. No running 800 km for dummies book out there. So every step is an unknown land now. How do injuries that happen after 800 km look like? No idea. Nobody knows. I feel good. No injuries and still have energy for more. The weather forecast for the week is good so I look forward to it

Day 45

Great weather. Passed by the Deering seafood festival. 810 km done

Day 44

Great weather today. Met lot of cyclists on my way. Love saturdays. 792 km done. Will hit 800km tomorrow

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Jón Eggert Guðmundsson


Jón Eggert Guðmundsson
Jón Eggert Guðmundsson

I am doing 4155 mile triathlon. Longest triathlon in the world Guinness record. I am doing this to support #Wheelheroes 

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