EBC route post Irma

This morning I returned my rental car and rode to LULUs in the grove for a coffee. I did the usual route EBC rides on saturdays. The EBC route looks ok. There is  no damage to the pavement. Lot of fallen trees on the side of the road. The only part of the route that was closed was the part between Deering estate and 152. The part with the chineese bridge. When I looked I did not see any major damage to the road there but could not see the bridge.Will ride in the area during the week and update you.


ebc route

Hurricane ride part I

The hurricane Irma is coirmaming over Miami and I need to move to a hotel somewhere in n florida. My choice was one of My favorite cycling hotels Motel 6 in Fort Pierce. It is around 200 miles from my home and i ride it on my bicycle of course. Will start on thursday and ride the first day to Fort Lauderdale. Then from there to Ft Pierce.  

My shoes blew up

Need  new shoes...

Tomorrow I will do a long weekend around 250 miles up and down A1A I  will use old shoes for the ride but will use flippers in the future. more about my flipper setup later


Both finished

Eirikur Ingi in 5 place and  Zamboni in the 4 place. Congratulations finishing this huge achievement.

Eirikur ingi is in 4 place now

Eirikur Ingi Iceland is now in 4 place and Zamboni in 3. The race is geting hard

Race around Ireland last hours

Huge race between Eirikur  from Iceland and Henk Verouden from netherlands to take the fourth place. only few km between them and around 70 miles left. Anything can happen. Zamboni is in third place. 

Race around ireland last day

Eirikur is  behind Zamboni. Only  140 miles left for Eirikur and little under 100 miles for Zamboni. They are both going strong after riding for 6 days and over 1000 miles. I expect them to arrive at the finish within next  10 hours. I will update more frequently today.

Race around Ireland day 5.

Nicole is still in first place and strong. Zamboni is in front of Eirikur but they are close. still 600k left snd anything can happen. 

Race around Ireland day 4.

Eirikur Ingi is now right behind Valerio Zamboni and a huge racing going on. In the first place is Nicole Reist. Like last few days. She prbably read my blog because she increased the speed yeasterday. Not much and probably just time management. And it worked.

Race around Ireland day 2

Eirikur Ingi is a little behind Valerio Zamboni after 2 night. Their pace is similar and strong. Nicole Reist is in first place going fast but a little slower than before. She needs to be careful and calculate timing carefully.

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