Ocala to Tavares to orlando

The area between ocala to Orlando is the hilly part of florida. Specially the area called my Dora.lot of hills and small towns on my way.mostly farming area.

From Perry to alachua

The day was a little chilly in the morning but great temperature after that. This area is mostly timber industry but some areas near Gainesville are farming.the wind was bad and headwind the whole ride.little long day. 110 ish miles.met the Californians again at the end on their way to st Augustine. Tomorrow I will ride to ocala. Litle shorter ride.

Food when cycling

What good is best when cycling? I say it depends on the distance. On a short club ride foe few hours and often fast carbohydrates are great and good to have 2 water bottles 1 with water and 1 with electrolyte like Gatorade. You can use this system even on a century ride. But on double century or day after day touring you can not use this carb diet. On long rides you deed solid food rich of proteins and even fats. Carbs are ok too but in lower quantities. Steaks. Full English breakfasts are great. Muscle milk is ok too but I prefer natural foods.

From apalacicola to Perry and the schedule after that

Next day after apalacicola I did a 60 miler to clavfordsville Florida to the Magnusson hotel and resort . it is a golf luxury resort and different quality than other hotels in this trip.I managed to clean my clothes there. Much needed.apalacicola and the small towns next to it are known for fishing and specially oysters. You can get as much oysters as you like. Lot of restaurants in this area. The part between clavfordsville and Perry is totally differrent area. It is mostly forest and the map told me there is no fooddstop the whole 60 miles to Perry. Therefore I needed to carry food and drinks with me.when I was 40 miles in the ride I saw a small gas station that were not in the maps. I went in got some coffee and few minutes after the cyclists from California stopped there too. We spoke to each other for awhile before heading to Perry. Perry and the area around it is known for timber. There are big forests there and most of people work in that industry. I will stop in Perry for 2 nights and then continue South to Gainesville and mt Dora to Orlando and from there to cocoa beach and to Miami. The speed depends on rest days And weather. my plan is taking a rest day in my favorite training hotel in ft pierce




Day 5

Short day from Mexico beach to apalacicola. Nice weather and flatter than usual. Met other riders that are riding to st Augustine from California 3200 miles in over 2 months. I will ride with them next few days. 

Day 3 and 4 from Pensacola to Mexico beach

Went from Pensacola early in the morning and full of energy. Went straight to the beach highway 399. When I was 10 miles on the beach road suddenly there was a closure and I had to turn back another 10 miles and ride highway 68 instead. Uff It slowed me down a Lot. On 68 I did not have any issues until I had to do detour because of closed bridges. The weather was good and I put in over 100 miles.it was great to arrive to the resort in Panama beach. On day 3 I left Panama beach and went through us army training zone. There were landmines next to the road. Not good to hit the bushes to pee. And the military uses strange gsm system. It thinks it is in Maryland... I think not many cyclists have ridden through this area. In this area goes stories about Bigfoot. A man like ape big with lot of hair. My theory after riding in this area is that people have seen military person in full armor an camoflag. The military base has bin in this area for a long tine. 

Day 2. Mobile alabama to pensacola florida

Today began with fog. I had to wait for few hours at the hotel until the fog was cleared. When I came to the mobile tunnel there was some construction so I could not ride through. I needed a ride through the tunnel. I tried uber. I have never used it before. It worked well. I ordered a big car for me and my bike. It picked me up. Lovely Indian woman that took me over the bridge.after she let me out at some has station I. Ride in good weather all the way to Pensacola. Lot of hills but no bike path until I reached the Florida border.

Day 1

Drove from lake city to mobile today. I returned the car to the airport and rode my bike to the hotel. The road is more rough than in Miami because of frost in the winter. There are hills here and the trees are different. No shoulder on toads. It is like riding on us1.did not see any rider on my way.  Don't think mobile is active cycling city

preride thoughts

Tomorrow I will rent a car and drive to Mobile Alabama. I will stop near Ganesville and sleep there tomorrow night and continue to alabama on saturday. Will ride to pensacola forida on sunday. Then continue along the panhandle trough Mt Dora and through Orlando to Cocoa beach and down A1A to Miami. This is unsupported ride so I take everything with me. Here is what I bring with me on this ride

9 tubes

16 co2


2 folded tires

Assos creaam

2 sets of clothes. 1 cycling set and 1 regular set

my phone and garmin

toothpaste and toothbrush


The forecast is good fhe first few days. No rain. The wind is not bad. I will send pictures as i can. I use the check in on facebook alot so you will see me check into alot of strange places. And i will send you selfie of big foot if I meet him.

One more thing. This is the first time I ride so long ride that I start in different time zone. I ride through the time zone on monday or tuesday. more about that later


Florida apes

Yes there are apes in Florida living in the wild. In south florida we hae ape colony in Fort Lauderdale next to the airport. And we have wild apes in west florida in the panhandle. One is called skunk ape or bigfoot. So probably I will ride by the florida big foot. If I do I will try to get a selfie.  https://www.csicop.org/sb/show/tracking_floridas_skunk_ape


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