Day 27

Good weather. Was a little tired. It can be expected few days of long back to back run like this. Had interview with local newspaper in iceland this morning. 486 km done

Day 26

Great weater. 468 km done

Day 25

Great weather today. Here is my strategy and I know Norma the current record holder did the same. The rules are the longest distance. There is no time limit and I can do it as slow as I need to. The only requirement is I can not take more rest time than 5 minutes per hour.Therefore I find out the distance I can do day after day for a long time without injuries. I calculated that I can do 11 miles nearly forever. After 25 days I am still feeling good and I have many more miles in my legs.  450 km done #longesttri #Wheelheroes

Day 24

Great weather. Lot of cyclists on the streets doing the MS ride and police protecting them. 432 km done

Day 23

Cool weather this morning. Great run. 414 km Done. I am getting near half of my running of the longest triathlon. 


 I am fat. And the society dont accept fat people. Fat people are marked lazy sofa couches eating ice cream every day. I do none of this. People that know me know that I do alot of activities. Mostly cycling. But swimming and running last 2 years. Beiing fat does not prevent me doing long activities. I am now attempting the longest triathlon in the world. i have never been better fit to do it. But I am still fat. I am showing other fat people that being fat and healthy is possible. Being thin and unhealthy is possible too. Not many thin people are capable of running 250 miles. My fat is helping me to accomplish this I think. So if you are fat dont let the environment let you down and prevent you to do long activities. Go out and cycle, run or swim. Fast or slow. And I am not doing this to be thin or healthy. I am already healthy. You can not be unhealthy and run a 250 miler. If I get thin after doing this record it is ok. If I dont then it is ok too. Loosing weight is not my reason for doing this. I am doing this to show to everyone this is possible and if you have a goal doesnt matter how big it is just go out and do it

Day 22

Hot day. My hydration plan worked so everything turned out ok. 396 km done. #longesttri #Wheelheroes


After 15 days  or 15 march I have finished half of the running part of the longest triathlon. 

25 april I will start the cycling part of the longest triathlon

25 may will be the record day. That day I will exceed the current world record 4983 km. All distance after that is a record. 

First week of jun I will finish the cycling part and start the running part of the duathlon and swimming part of the triathlon. The finish will be 40 days later or middle of july #Wheelheroes #longesttri

Day 21

Great day. I started earlier this morning so I will finish before gets too hot. Worked well. Will continue doing that. I was fresh. 378 km Done #Wheelheroes #longesttri

Strava distance challenge

Strava running distance challenge in march will be interesting. I started my world record 9 february and I was riding my bike the week before that. So I was not running much for first 9 days. March will be different. If everything goes well I will do a full month or 348 miles. If you are interested you can look up the strava running distance challenge…/march-running-distance-challenge-2… #Wheelheroes #longesttri

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Jón Eggert Guðmundsson


Jón Eggert Guðmundsson
Jón Eggert Guðmundsson

I am doing 4155 mile triathlon. Longest triathlon in the world Guinness record. I am doing this to support #Wheelheroes 

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