Day 17

Sometimes I feel like the person in the movie wrestler by Mickey Rourke. Today it was like that. Hot and hard run. But my body is still strong and injury free. I still have many more miles in me. 308 km done.#longesttri #Wheelheroes

The running time plan

The last day of the running part of the longest triathlon will be around 25 april. Exact date depends on how many extra days I need. I take extra days depends on mechanical issues. Today they are 2. I will probably get other mechanical issues in the future. Hopefully as few as possible so I can start riding my bike again. Total running will be 1297 km #longesttri #wheelheroes

Day 16

Good run today. Had a little rain. Not so hot and breeze cooling me down. Perfect. 288 km done

Day 15

Little slow today. Reallized today I have been doing a mistake on my runs. I have used my cycling clothes jerseys and shorts. The jerseys are great because of pockets for water and gps and all the systems I need to have with me. But running in cycling shorts is a bad idea because of the padding. On hot runs it gets wet and burn my butt.... I have now a burned butt. Have ordered running shorts. Will use the chycling shorts until I get it. 270 km done

Day 14

Great weather. Had some issues with both my gps systems. Strava on my phone and garmin. Strange. But i have full videocoverage and I have my witnesses so it is ok. I had my spotgen 3  satellite system on so it gave me the distance. It is cumbersome but works. Stll feeling fresh. 252 km done. 

Day 13

Feeling much better. Good weather. Sunshine and strong wind that cooled me down. 234 km done

Day 12

Started with rain. Got some stomach issue.  Then the heat started. uff it was slow run. Later today after sleeping abit I had an interview with cycling quarterly  magazine about my triathlon attempt. Feel much better after sleeping today and eating. Ready for tomorrow. 216 km done

Day 11

When   I woke up it was cloudy but not looking like it was going to rain. Checked the weather forecast and it told me it will be overcast and no rain. So I did not take with me rain systems on my run. Around 15 minutes into my run the rain  started. And it was raining until the end. I put my hand over my camera to prevent water to damage it. Found a plastic bag and put my phone in it. My spot3 is waterproof bu the phone is semi water proof and my camera leaks through the usb cable. i put my batterypack inside my jersey. It worked. no damage. Because of the rain the temparature was cool and great. Felt good on the run and after the run. Will take a rain bag with me tomorrow even if the forecast is no rain 198 km done

Day 10

Great run today. Still fresh. No injuries. 180 km done.

Day 9

Little stiff. Probably nothing to be afraid of. Will rest well today. 100 miles done.

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