Day 20

Had a bird following me for few miles today.Good ride. 360 km Done #Wheelheroes #longesttribird


Until now I have been quiet. Media coverage is only social media , one local news and then cycling quarterly of south florida. This was my plan. First 2 weeks are always difficult and alot that can happen. After first 2 weeks the activvities have become a routine. In march i will activate my PR company and we can expect huge blast of international media and local. #Wheelheroes #longesttri

Day 19

Good weather. A little hot. I am feeling good. Still have lot of energy for more miles. #Wheelheroes #longesttri 342 km done

Day 18

Great run. For usa that measure distances in miles I passed the 200 mile mark today running. Still injury free. The days are getting hotter. The summer is coming. i feel it is getting closer. 324 km done #Wheelheroes #longesttri

Record attempts

Included in this world record are few other records. They are following:
Longest triathlon
Longest duathlon
Then I am applying for following records and Guinness have not given me green light yet.
Fastest 100km freestyle swimming in pool
Fastest 200km freestyle swimming in pool

Then there is other record I am interested to do later. 
Most consecutive days to run a half marathon distance (male)
When doing the triathlon record I do 12 mile circle. Half marathon is 13.1. The reason for why I am not doing longer circle is technical one. When doing the half marathon record I need to increase the circle I am doing now by 2 miles. I a already have found a circle to do and if everything goes well I am plannng to do it in november and december this year. The existing record is 57. #longesttri #Wheelheroes

Day 17

Sometimes I feel like the person in the movie wrestler by Mickey Rourke. Today it was like that. Hot and hard run. But my body is still strong and injury free. I still have many more miles in me. 308 km done.#longesttri #Wheelheroes

The running time plan

The last day of the running part of the longest triathlon will be around 25 april. Exact date depends on how many extra days I need. I take extra days depends on mechanical issues. Today they are 2. I will probably get other mechanical issues in the future. Hopefully as few as possible so I can start riding my bike again. Total running will be 1297 km #longesttri #wheelheroes

Day 16

Good run today. Had a little rain. Not so hot and breeze cooling me down. Perfect. 288 km done

Day 15

Little slow today. Reallized today I have been doing a mistake on my runs. I have used my cycling clothes jerseys and shorts. The jerseys are great because of pockets for water and gps and all the systems I need to have with me. But running in cycling shorts is a bad idea because of the padding. On hot runs it gets wet and burn my butt.... I have now a burned butt. Have ordered running shorts. Will use the chycling shorts until I get it. 270 km done

Day 14

Great weather. Had some issues with both my gps systems. Strava on my phone and garmin. Strange. But i have full videocoverage and I have my witnesses so it is ok. I had my spotgen 3  satellite system on so it gave me the distance. It is cumbersome but works. Stll feeling fresh. 252 km done. 

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Jón Eggert Guðmundsson


Jón Eggert Guðmundsson
Jón Eggert Guðmundsson

I am doing 4155 mile triathlon. Longest triathlon in the world Guinness record. I am doing this to support #Wheelheroes 

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